“Say goodbye to tape and towels when you have the Roots EQ. And trust me, that’s my sound”

Sam Halterman

“An instant classic with too many applications to list. Roots EQ - Well Done!”

Jimmy Paxson

(Dixie Chix, Stevie Nicks)
“Roots EQ mutes have artfully expanded the sonic possibilities of my drums in an incredibly musical way.”

Mark Guiliana

(David Bowie, Mark Guiliana Jazz Quartet)
“The Roots EQ rings are the absolute best muffling tool I've ever used. And I’ve done everything. The rings EQ out and mute just the right frequencies to leave you with that big fat gushy fundamental beef that we all love. The solid version takes it a step further into instant Ringo Tea Towel vibe. Totally muted and dead. Quick and easy instant sound change live or studio. I'll be using the Roots EQ stuff a lot!”

Steve Brewster

(Kenny Rogers, Willie Nelson, Bob Segar, Nashville Studio Greath)
“I was absolutely floored when I tried them. I’m always skeptical about these kinds of products, but this has quickly become a mainstay in my sonic arsenal. I have used them at some stage of every recording I’ve done since I got them. It’s not the sound of “tea towels” on the drums— it’s unique. They tighten the sound but low end and some transients remain, unlike the thuddier results from putting “tea towels” over drums. Also, the convenience factor is huge, considering how time consuming and down right tweaky drum tuning can be. This is by far my all time favorite drum accessory.”

Joey Waronker

(Atoms For Peace, Ultraista, Beck, Studio)
“Roots EQ are tremendously clever and effective drum mutes that can transform the sound of any drumset in seconds. They must be good for practicing, but I'm bringing these to all of my recording sessions from now on. Brilliant. ...Now, if I can just find and fit into those bell-bottomed pants of mine from the 70s!”

Peter Erskine

“ ‘Super quick fix’, ‘kind of a confidence builder to know u can monitor and control the sound so easily and quickly’ ..... CONGRATS !!!!”

Danny Frankel

(Laurie Anderson, Bebel Gilberto, Fiona Apple, K.D. Lang, Lou Reed)
“Roots EQ meets old school applications with new school technology… whether you’re recording or practicing, they give you a solid tone and let the heads breathe. They don’t interfere with sticking and remain assuredly on the head. Well constructed and durable, they give any drummer extra colors to their pallete.”

Michael Barsimanto

(Freddie Hubbard, Jean Luc Ponty, Andy Summers)
“These make the drums feel and sound just the way I like them live and in the studio.”

Adam Topol

(Jack Johnson, solo artist)
“Roots EQ cut out unwanted overtones without affecting the sound of the drums…they’re just what I need in acoustic situations.”

James Gadson

(Studio Legend)
“Roots EQ are fantastic tools I use to achieve specific tones with my kit very quickly and affectively. Dynamics are key in my world, therefore Roots Rings are now essential to my kit.”

Glenn Kotche