“Roots EQ meets old school applications with new school technology… whether you’re recording or practicing, they give you a solid tone and let the heads breathe. They don’t interfere with sticking and remain assuredly on the head. Well constructed and durable, they give any drummer extra colors to their pallete.”

Michael Barsimanto

(Freddie Hubbard, Jean Luc Ponty, Andy Summers)
“The Roots EQ rings are the absolute best muffling tool I've ever used. And I’ve done everything. The rings EQ out and mute just the right frequencies to leave you with that big fat gushy fundamental beef that we all love. The solid version takes it a step further into instant Ringo Tea Towel vibe. Totally muted and dead. Quick and easy instant sound change live or studio. I'll be using the Roots EQ stuff a lot!”

Steve Brewster

(Kenny Rogers, Willie Nelson, Bob Segar, Nashville Studio Greath)
“I never show up to a recording session without my set of Roots EQs now. They help me get a beautifully dry and warm sound on the kit immediately.”

Ian Chang

(son lux, Landlady and Rafiq Bhatia)
“I’m always throwing shirts and towels and anything in reach to muffle my drums. The Roots EQ system has been a great easy solution for me to instantly get the sound I need both in the studio and live. Instant dry low end. And it’s great to have something that fits each drum perfectly and distributes the sound evenly across the drum. I will be getting much use from these. Well done!!!!”

Aaron Comess

“I work with some of rock’s most iconic and demanding artists. Re-producing their classic work is important to me and vital to them. Roots EQ Mutes allow me to achieve that precise sound that they... and I are looking for. Live or in the studio, my Roots EQ Mutes will always be by my side!!”

Scott F. Crago

(Eagles/Don Henley/Stevie Nicks)
“Roots EQ are tremendously clever and effective drum mutes that can transform the sound of any drumset in seconds. They must be good for practicing, but I'm bringing these to all of my recording sessions from now on. Brilliant. ...Now, if I can just find and fit into those bell-bottomed pants of mine from the 70s!”

Peter Erskine

“While doing a session in a small studio in Ojai, I was looking to deaden the drums, and the assistant engineer asked if I had ever tried this new product Roots EQ. It changed my life if I needed to play quietly I could put those on and still get the tone I needed without being uncomfortable trying not to overpower anyone. I played a show in a very echo-laden grotto in Italy. I put on the Roots EQ and the FOH engineer came and kissed me. Well, maybe that was the one time it wasn't such a great idea! I highly recommend trying these fantastic drum dampers in studio, and live situations. They are really something!!”

Stephen Ferrone

(Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)
“ ‘Super quick fix’, ‘kind of a confidence builder to know u can monitor and control the sound so easily and quickly’ ..... CONGRATS !!!!”

Danny Frankel

(Laurie Anderson, Bebel Gilberto, Fiona Apple, K.D. Lang, Lou Reed)

“Roots EQ cut out unwanted overtones without affecting the sound of the drums…they’re just what I need in acoustic situations.”

James Gadson

(Studio Legend)
“The tone control from these rings is epic! Both live and in studio.”

Corey Gash

(Matt Costa/Studio)
“Roots EQ mutes have artfully expanded the sonic possibilities of my drums in an incredibly musical way.”

Mark Guiliana

(David Bowie, Mark Guiliana Jazz Quartet)

“Having been a witness to decades of requests for drum muffling and scores or diverse approaches to it, Roots EQ has indeed found a practical and totally affordable way to instantly doctor the sound of your drums. Roots ​ EQ are a durable, reusable, portable solution that sounds fantastic.”

Jamey Haddad

(Paul Simon)
“Say goodbye to tape and towels when you have the Roots EQ. And trust me, that’s my sound”

Sam Halterman

“Roots EQ are fantastic tools I use to achieve specific tones with my kit very quickly and affectively. Dynamics are key in my world, therefore Roots EQ Rings are now essential to my kit.”

Glenn Kotche


“Roots EQ is the product I’ve been waiting for... a clean and efficient way to get more sounds out of your drums.”

Craig Macintyre​

“Roots EQ brings my drums to a sonic level that I’ve heard on so many of my favorite drummers tracks with such ease. No more wallets, tissue and duct tape. Brilliant!”

Mike Marsh

(Avett Brothers)
“I find myself in many musical situations that require focused, warm drum sounds that get out of the way fast and aren’t loud. The Roots EQ mutes do all these things, and they don’t kill the tone of the drums in the process. Easy on, easy off, no tape, no need to worry that they’re going to fall off... Front-Of-House and monitor engineers will love you for them! ”

Matt Mayhall/Amy Mann/Solo Artist

“An instant classic with too many applications to list. Roots EQ - well done!”

Jimmy Paxson

(Dixie Chix, Stevie Nicks)

“The Roots EQ rings have become an essential accessory for me both live and in the studio. The mesh material creates a warm dampening effect without the buzz that can happen with plastic rings. Quick on and off, very convenient and musical, I love ‘em!”

Shawn Pelton

“I was absolutely floored when I tried them. I’m always skeptical about these kinds of products, but this has quickly become a mainstay in my sonic arsenal. I have used them at some stage of every recording I’ve done since I got them. It’s not the sound of “tea towels” on the drums— it’s unique. They tighten the sound but low end and some transients remain, unlike the thuddier results from putting “tea towels” over drums. Also, the convenience factor is huge, considering how time consuming and down right tweaky drum tuning can be. This is by far my all time favorite drum accessory.”

Joey Waronker

(Atoms For Peace, Ultraista, Beck, Studio)
“This new innovation takes the drum muffling game to a new level. No mess. Easy “on/off” application. Once you try them, hear them, you know what sounds you’ll be working with and that is an amazing comfort and tool to work with. I have experimented with every method of muffling and nothing beats the consistency of these “O Rings and Solids”. I keep one set in the studio and one set travels with me on tour. My “GO TO” for alternate tunings and muffling on all of my drums now.”

Lucinda Williams

(Tracy Chapman, Eels)

“These make the drums feel and sound just the way I like them live and in the studio.”

Adam Topol

(Jack Johnson, solo artist)